The social speaker mastercourse with patrick combs​

The Essential 6 Week Experience to Thrive as a Thought-Leader in the Age of Social Media

Even if you’re terrified of speaking, think you don’t have what it takes to captivate your audience online, or have no clue what you should be talking about…

Patrick will teach you everything you need to know to share your message and change people’s lives!

Ready To Capture the Hearts and Minds of ANY Audience in just a few short minutes?​

As the world evolves, so too does thought leadership...​

While 60-90 minute keynotes were once the gold standard of stages and opportunities, that is no longer the case. Even the 18 minute TEDtalk is getting too long for the average attention span online.

Today you have a much smaller window to capture your audience’s attention. It’s called your camera!

Patrick will show you, over the course of this LIVE six week mastercourse, how to captivate your audience online with short videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other platform.

This singular training will help you create powerful and engaging content for years to come… so you can build an aligned following of supportive fans.

Meet Your Private
Speaking Coach, Patrick Combs

The London Times and New York Time Out both called Patrick a “Master Storyteller.”

Patrick has shared his stories and strategies with millions of people around the globe for over 25 years.

He’s a top rated, widely known motivational speaker and thought leader on passion, possibility, and heart-based business.

As an expert guide on the craft of story and speaking, Patrick has helped many leaders, celebrities, and CEOs ascend to even greater heights in their careers.

His celebrity clients include Kenny Aronoff, one of the world’s greatest rock and roll drummers, Martin Latulippe, widely considered Canada’s greatest inspirational speaker, Guillermo Romo former CEO of Herradura Tequila, Lewis Howes, Dan Lok, and ShaunT, to name only a few….

Patrick is one of the only people in the world to have accomplished both a Hall of Fame speaking career and a global, smash-hit, hilarious one man theatre show.

Patrick has spoken for almost 2,000 organizations, and applied his talents everywhere from talks at Stanford and Hilton and performances at the HBO comedy festival, to coaching prisoners on story at the Donovan Correctional Institute.

You may think you have to be a great speaker to make great videos for social media, but the truth is you don’t!

You can learn how to capture an audience, share your message and leave a lasting impact just like a master!

“The best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen George Bush, Denis Waitley, Mary Lou Retton and Zig Ziglar.”  

-Tom Hutton (MetLife, New York)

Go From Zero to Social Media Hero in 6 Weeks With This Breakthrough Curriculum! ​

Over the course of his incredible career Patrick Combs has learned how to evolve and adapt with the changing times. 

Patrick has discovered how to thrive as a speaker in the age of social media and he will show you exactly what it takes to QUICKLY grab an audience and CHANGE THEIR LIVES by sharing your unique experience and expertise!!

Ready to Create Impactful Social Media Videos Fast, Easy, and Enjoyably?

While the thought leader landscape is shifting to dramatically shorter forms, the fact remains that it isn’t easy to adapt. We know that! 

It’s normal to feel nervous. 

We ALL stumble over words or lose our train of thought, but once you’re armed with the confidence and competence of Patrick’s expertise and provided structure, you will become a powerful “social media” speaker, faster than you ever thought possible.  

Patrick will show you the secrets to honing your message, illustrating your points using stories/examples, creating powerful content and ultimately, impacting the world!

Making a video of yourself on social media doesn’t have to be terrifying! ​

This course is created for anyone (that’s right ANYone) who aspires to be the greatest version of themselves as a thought leader and unique personality sharing their message online.

Never done a Facebook Live before? 

No problem!

Not sure what your message is? 

We have your back!


Fear not!

All you need is the DESIRE to express yourself and share your message; Patrick will teach you the rest.

Are you…

  • Ready to tell your story in a way that is captivating, impactful and unforgettable
  • Getting ready to speak like a pro thought-leader while expanding your social media reach?
  • Looking to master the art of connecting with an audience via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Clubhouse?
  • Wanting to leverage the extraordinary power of personal stories to share your life changing message?
  • Longing to free yourself from anxiety or fear when it’s your time to hit the Live or Record button?
  • Hoping to impact the world and share your expertise?

If so, The Social Speaker Mastercourse with Patrick Combs is for you!!

Patrick’s coaching clients include NY Times Bestselling Authors,TEDx speakers, CEO’s, executives, maverick entrepreneurs, Presidents of major institutions, corporate and college market speakers, YouTube personalities, life coaches, and soon...YOU!! ​

Patrick has developed a 6 week course that walks you through the same proven process that he has used to help countless leaders, influencers and public figures to get over their fear of putting themselves ‘out there’.

“Masterful, heart warming, powerful, authentic, incredible speaker!! Attendees were blown away and inspired to take their lives to the next level. You can’t be disappointed with Patrick, he’s the best!”  -Jonathan Budd (CEO of POWUR)

Create Your Own Public Speaking Miracles for 2021 and Beyond​

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Say Yes To The Social Speaker MasterCourse

This course is designed to help you succeed as a thought-leader in today’s overwhelmed and attention deficit world…  no matter where you are on your journey as a speaker.

Your 6 Week MasterCourse Agenda:

Week 1: Master The Mindset
  • Overcome fear and discover your new identity as a POWERFUL social media thought leader.
  • Neutralize fearful negative self talk.
  • Reframe your self-image to become who you’re born to be.
Week 2: Identify Your “Bullseye Message”
  • Distill the expertise you want to share with the world.
  • Find the one key message that is uniquely
  • YOURS to share with the world, and discover the 1,000 ways you can tell it.
Week 3: Structure Your Message For Maximum Impact (Even In Two Minutes!)
  • Find out how to make others care about your message.
  • Discover the unique benefits your message holds for your audience. This will be a key component of ALL your videos.
  • Identify the problems you solve for your audience and how to leverage them.
  • Clarify the techniques you can share with your audience that will allow them to benefit from your message and solve their problems.
  • To script, or not to script. Learn what is right for you.
Week 4: Uncover Your Best Stories
  • Find out how to tell stories to prove your point powerfully.
  • Discover an endless supply of relevant and timely stories to share with your community.
Week 5: Become a Prolific Creator
  • Gain advanced Techniques to create killer videos and content for the next year and beyond
  • Find your format: Duration, background, dress, platform…all of this affects your ability to efficiently convey your expertise!
Week 6: Advance Your Speaking Journey
  • Find out how to move from being a social media presence to becoming a professional (and even paid) speaker
  • Develop real world experience creating your own content.
  • Build your speaking portfolio.

Each week you will be assigned short, exciting and transformative tasks to advance your progress in the real world.

When you say yes to the Social Speaker Masterclass you will receive personalized feedback from Patrick Combs (and your community of “Social Speaker” Cohorts). This custom feedback alone is worth the price of admission!

Who is this course for:

The Social Speaker masterclass is for beginner and advanced speakers looking for an edge in building their audience online.

Whether you’ve been speaking for years or have never set foot on a stage or posted to Social Media, Patrick can help you take your public speaking to the next level and use it to reach the audience you wish to impact.

You have a choice…

You can continue on your current speaking path; day dreaming of being an engaging, thought provoking public speaker with a fine tuned message to share… while your videos (or lack there of) are hearing crickets…


You can say yes to this limited time opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most experienced public speakers with a proven record of success… 

Someone who has guided several of the world’s most impressive influencers and thought leaders…

To help you shape and sharpen your message, refine your stories and ideas, and create simple systems to get better and better at speaking on social media with greater confidence, consistency, and immediacy.

The choice is simple.

Say YES To The Social Speaker MasterCourse​

Your Special Bonus

8 Week Membership To The Find Your Voice Mastermind Group To Kickstart Your Speaking Goals

AKA “Toastmasters On Steroids, With a Heart… and Gone Virtual.”

The VIP Public Speaking Community That Actually Gives a Damn About You

Our growing community cares about each member and works to ensure that everyone is growing to become the best speakers and communicators they can be.

 You’ll make like-minded friends and find your unique place in this thriving space.

Afterall, the ship rises with the tide and everyone here is ready to lift you up while having lots of fun!

Here's what you'll get with your exclusive 8 week membership...

VIP Bi-Monthly Group Calls to Practice Speaking Live in Front of a Community of Real People!

Bi-monthly group calls where you’ll be supported on your speaking goals, have opportunities to practice speaking in front of the group and join a community who cares about you becoming the absolute best speaker you can be.

Each presentation is followed by a feedback session where you’ll gain valuable insights into where you excelled and tips on areas you could improve on next time.

Access To Our Bi-Monthly Expert Speaker Coaching Calls

Your one-stop shop to Map-Out, Master, and Monetize your own unique message through our expert masterclasses.

Whether it’s learning how to monetize your podcast with or give your first TED talk, this essential program will help you skip the learning curve and become the best speaker you can be!

For the record, this isn’t a ‘pitch-fest’ either; we only bring in experts who are willing to drop the pay-wall and give you their best.

Nor is this a ‘take what you’re given’ situation either – as an Accelerator client we’ll check in with you every month to see what your greatest challenges are right now and what public speaking sub-topic you need the most hope with.

We strive to make our guest speaker program as bespoke and interactive as possible.

An Intimate and Supportive Community Who Share Your Goals and Fears

What are two of the most important unifying factors for any community?

  1. A common enemy, and…
  2. A common goal.
In our Accelerator group you’re going to find you have both of these in common with everyone else on the call…

The common enemy? Fear of public speaking!

The common goal? Crushing your enemy and rising victorious!

This community is going to be there to cheer you on every step of the way and are just as committed to your success as you are!
Our goal is to make our community the safest, most supportive public speaking sandbox ON THE PLANET (and to be honest, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of that so far)!

Positive Peer-Pressure Accountability to Keep You On Track

On each call you’ll choose what task is your highest priority action step to complete between now and our next group call. You declare what this task is to the group and that you want to be held accountable to achieving it.

On the following call we check in with each other to ensure that tasks have been achieved.

If you haven’t achieved the task you set out to complete, you’ll need to explain what happened to your friendly support group.

They’ll be understanding if a genuine life emergency got in the way… but if it’s just you getting in your own way or slacking off, get ready to be held accountable!

This is a deceptively simple yet profoundly powerful practice.

The accountability alone is well worth the price of this whole program.

Say YES To The Social Speaker MasterCourse​

Extra Accountability Layer - A New Best Friend

How bad is that sinking feeling when you’ve got an appointment coming up and you know you haven’t done what you said you would get done before hand?

You never have to worry about that again!

Not in this group anyway, because as an extra layer of support we’ll link you up with a new ‘Speaking Buddy’… that is, another person from our program who we think you’ll love (we take our pairing process seriously to make sure you’re matched up with someone who might even become your new BFF)!

Then, a few days before each group call, the two of you can message each other a quick reminder to make sure you get your milestone completed before the next meeting!

Mastermind Magic

What is the greatest challenge you currently face in relation to reaching your speaking goals?

Here’s your chance to tell the group about it and learn from any insights or experience they’ve gained in similar situations.

Just one shared experience or tip could enable you to see your situation in a whole new light and break-through whatever has been holding you back!

access to find your voice vault

The Voice Vault includes recordings of EVERY interview and masterclass we’ve had and will ever have with our select team of seasoned speaking pros.

Every month there will be newly added interviews and lessons so you can continue getting up to date guidance to improve, thrive and monetize as a speaker.

Be Part Of Our Ripple Of Impact

For every participant in this course, Find Your Voice will fund Provide Literacy Education for some of the poorest girls in India for twelve months, through our partnership with Academy of Root Development.

These girls come from the poorest families, are aged between 13 to 19 years old and belong to the group of the Dalit (also known as the ‘Untouchables’), a repressed group in India.

They have been taken out of the education system to help work on the land, or in other ways earn money for their family.

Learning to to read and write opens up vast, new opportunities in their lives.

Your help provides the wages of a teacher, provision of teaching materials and upkeep of the literacy centre to support these girls.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind this course 100%.

If you’re unhappy for any reason whatsoever, or find out that this solution is not what you are looking for, just let us know within the 30 days and you’ll get a FULL refund.

We’ve worked our little tails off to make sure that this live experience is a no brainer, risk-free investment for you.  We believe that this single course can upgrade and even revolutionize your ability to engage & grow your virtual audience in 2021 and beyond.

Seriously… what are you waiting for?

Click the button and get your social speaking on track today!


What if I don’t think I have a message worth sharing?

Everyone has a story to tell! You just have to identify it and you’ll learn exactly how in week two.

Is this course designed for professional speakers only? No, this course is for ANYONE wanting to become a better/more successful public speaker, even if you haven’t started yet!

Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, business owner, trying to adapt to the new format of public speaking or just an individual ready to capture the hearts and minds of your ideal audience, this course is right for you.

What if I’ve already been speaking for years?  Do I still need this course?

Most likely yes.

This course is designed to serve as your bedrock foundation for public speaking online.

If you haven’t given over 1000 speeches yet then you can still benefit greatly from Patrick’s expertise.

The tools you’ll learn in this course will support you throughout your speaking career in an ever changing public speaking landscape.

When does the Social Speaker Mastercourse officially begin?

While your speaking transformation starts the second you enroll in this course (as you will gain immediate access to the Find Your Voice Mastermind Community), the first live session Social begins on the week of March 30th, 2021 and goes for six full weeks.  Enrollment ends on Wednesday night, March 24th..

If I can’t make the live sessions, will I get access to the recordings?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all recordings and all homework assignments.

today is the final day to enroll

Your Investment: $1,997
Three Installments of $697