How to create effective social media videos with ease to grow your brand and your audience

Discover how ANYONE can create short, effective, engaging video content to rise to the top of their niche as a thought leader, using the proven techniques of your host Patrick Combs.

this one time free masterclass is scheduled for 3pm est, wednesday march 3rd, 2021

As the world evolves, so too does thought leadership...​

While 60-90 minute keynotes were once the gold standard of stages and opportunities, that is no longer the case. Even the 18 minute TEDTalk is getting too long for the average attention span online.

Today you have a much smaller window to capture your audience’s attention. It’s called your camera!

Patrick will show you how to captivate your audience online with short videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Clubhouse or any other platform.

This one-time free training will give you a framework to create powerful and engaging content for years to come… so you can build an aligned following of supportive fans.

Meet Your Private
Speaking Coach, Patrick Combs

The London Times and New York Time Out both called Patrick a “Master Storyteller.”

Patrick has shared his stories and strategies with millions of people around the globe for over 25 years.

He’s a top rated, widely known motivational speaker and thought leader on passion, possibility, and heart-based business.

As an expert guide on the craft of story and speaking, Patrick has helped many leaders, celebrities, and CEOs ascend to even greater heights in their careers.

His celebrity clients include Kenny Aronoff, one of the world’s greatest rock and roll drummers, Martin Latulippe, widely considered Canada’s greatest inspirational speaker, Guillermo Romo former CEO of Herradura Tequila, Lewis Howes, Dan Lok, and ShaunT, to name only a few….

Patrick is one of the only people in the world to have accomplished both a Hall of Fame speaking career and a global, smash-hit, hilarious one man theatre show.

Patrick has spoken for almost 2,000 organizations, and applied his talents everywhere from talks at Stanford and Hilton and performances at the HBO comedy festival, to coaching prisoners on story at the Donovan Correctional Institute.

Register Now And Have Patrick Teach You How To:

  • Tell your story in a way that is captivating, impactful and unforgettable.
  • Speak like a pro thought-leader while expanding your social media reach.
  • Master the art of connecting with your audience via social media.
  • Leverage the extraordinary power of personal stories to share your message.
  • FINALLY impact the world and share your unique expertise!
  • Crush it on Clubhouse, Facebook, and Instagram with your Signature Message

this one time free masterclass is scheduled for 3pm est, wednesday march 3rd, 2021

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