The Signature Speaker


Get Great On Stage.

Inspire Standing Ovations.

Create Your Million Dollar Speech.

Become The Speaker You Were Born To Be.

Are You a Subject Matter Expert Ready to Reach Your Next Level as a Public Speaker?

Patrick will show you, over the course of this live 8 week mastercourse, how to structure your talk, analyze your audience and effectively share your message in a timeless talk that will not fail you.

Armed with your signature speech, you’ll be ready to launch your professional speaking career that will give you a voice in the world and allow you to impact countless audiences with your unique message.

30 Years of Professional Public Speaking Mastery
Packed Into 8 Transformational Weeks

Meet Your Private Speaking Coach,
Patrick Combs…

The London Times and New York Time Out both called Patrick a “Master Storyteller.”

As an expert guide on the craft of story and speaking, Patrick has helped many leaders, celebrities, and CEOs ascend to even greater heights in their careers.

His celebrity clients include Kenny Aronoff, one of the world’s greatest rock and roll drummers, Martin Latulippe, widely considered Canada’s greatest inspirational speaker, Guillermo Romo former CEO of Herradura Tequila, Lewis Howes, Dan Lok, and ShaunT, to name only a few….

Patrick has spoken for almost 2,000 organizations, and applied his talents everywhere from talks at Stanford and Hilton and performances at the HBO comedy festival, to coaching prisoners on story at the Donovan Correctional Institute.

You may think you have to be a gifted speaker to craft a professional quality signature speech, but you don’t!

You can learn how to capture an audience, share your message and leave a lasting impact just like a master!

“The best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen George Bush, Denis Waitley, Mary Lou Retton and Zig Ziglar.” -Tom Hutton (MetLife, New York)

This Breakthrough Curriculum Will Allow you to Craft Your
Number One Marketing Tool – Your Signature Speech!

Over the course of his incredible career Patrick Combs has become one of the most sought after speaking coaches in the world.

Patrick has discovered how to thrive as a speaker by perfecting the art of structuring a talk to best captivate an audience and effectively share a message.

Ready to Launch Your Speaking Career Into The Stratosphere?

Your Signature Speech is not just a “nice to have”… 

It is an invaluable asset to build your business and your brand.

Crafting that signature talk can be overwhelming, but once you’ re armed with the confidence and competence of Patrick’s expertise and proven structure, you will become a powerful speaker, faster than you ever thought possible.

Patrick will show you the secret to articulating your problem and sharing your solution, using tools he’s honed over a 30 year career. You’ll discover how to analyze your audience, illustrate your points using stories and examples, create powerful connections and ultimately, impact the world!

Following your dream of becoming a professional speaker doesn’t have to be terrifying! 

This course is created for anyone (that’s right ANYone) who aspires to get their message out there.

No matter where you are on your speaking journey, this course is designed to help you get to the next level. That could mean starting from scratch to write your speech, refining what is already there, or even just absorbing the nuanced observations that come from observing a 30-year master speaker.

Don’t know how to open and close a talk?

No problem!

Not sure how to structure your speech for maximum impact?

We have your back!

Don’t know how to be funny?? 

Fear not!

All you need is the
DESIRE to express yourself and share your message at an elite level…

Patrick Will Teach You The Rest!

Are you…

Wanting to tell your story in a way that is captivating, impactful and unforgettable?

Ready to begin or advance your career as a professional speaker and thought leader?

Looking to master the art of connecting with a live audience?

Wanting to leverage the extraordinary power of personal stories to share your life changing message?

Longing to free yourself from anxiety or fear when you book your next paid talk?

Hoping to impact the world and share your expertise?

Ready to pen THE million dollar talk that will change your life give you a voice in the world?

If so, The Signature Speaker Mastercourse with Patrick Combs is for you!!

Patrick’s coaching clients include NY Times Bestselling Authors,TEDx speakers, CEO’s, executives, maverick entrepreneurs, Presidents of major institutions, corporate and college market speakers, YouTube personalities, life coaches, and soon…YOU!!

Patrick has developed an 8 week course that walks you through the same proven process that he has used to help countless leaders, influencers and public figures to begin truly connecting with their audiences and launch or hone their professional speaking careers.

“Masterful, heart warming, powerful, authentic, incredible speaker!! Attendees were blown away and inspired to take their lives to the next level. You can’t be disappointed with Patrick, he’s the best!” -Jonathan Budd (CEO of POWUR)

Create Your Own Public Speaking Miracles for 2021 and Beyond

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Say Yes To The Signature Speaker MasterCourse

This course is designed to help you craft the talk that allows you to connect with your audiences and thrive as a professional speaker and thought leader.

Within The Signature Speaker Mastercourse, You Will:

  • Discover How A Professional Creates A Masterful Outline
  • Discover WHAT you should talk about
  • Learn how to organize and lay out your signature speech for maximum impact
  • Find how to create seamless transitions
  • Understand your Audience in a Heartbeat Discover how to read and adapt to your audience
  • Learn how and when to use humor to share your message
  • Hone your ability to transition between different speaker “hats”
  • Problem and Solution Learn the subtle art of articulating the problem you are solving
  • Discover how to make your message relatable to nearly any audience
  • Powerfully share your solution using your expertise and humanity
  • Secret Strategies to Supercharge Your Stories
  • Find out how to tell stories to prove your point powerfully.
  • Discover an endless supply of relevant and timely stories to share with your audience
  • Receive feedback on your talk from Patrick directly
  • Benefit from the expertise and experience of your cohort and experienced coaches – This custom feedback alone is worth the price of admission!
  • And WAY MORE!

Who this course is for:

The Signature Speaker masterCourse is for those looking to begin their professional speaking career or those who are already speaking, but want to take their talk to the next level.

Whether you’ve been speaking for years or have never set foot on a stage Patrick can help you elevate your public speaking and use it to reach the audience you truly wish to impact.

Regular Tuition: $7,500

Your Limited Time Founders Discount Pricing: $5,000

If you Choose to Become a Founding Member of the Signature Speaker MasterCourse You Will Also Receive These Powerful Bonuses:

Access to the Social Speaker MasterCourse in which Patrick will show you how to find your Bullseye message and share it consistently and effectively via social media. With the skills you'll learn in this course youll be able to concisely and effectively share your message on any social media platform including: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more. This is a $1,997 value!

A 12 month membership to the companion Find Your Voice Accelerator group. Here you will be able to check in and be held accountable by a group of driven, passionate, like minded individuals. Normally $1,997, this is FREE with your Signature Speaker Course.

You have a choice…

You can continue on your current speaking path; day dreaming of becoming an engaging, thought provoking public speaker with a fine tuned message to share–and maybe, in 30 years you’ll have gained all the insight that Patrick has in his career.


You can say yes to this limited time opportunity to learn from a public speaking master…

Someone who has guided several of the world’s most impressive influencers and thought leaders…

To help you shape and sharpen your talk, refine your problem and solution, and back it all up with powerful stories to illustrate your points in a relatable way.

The choice is simple.

Say YES To The Signature Speaker MasterCourse
What if I have no idea how to even start a speech?
All you need is the drive to share your message with the world! This MasterCourse will teach you everything from how to open and close your talk to how to illustrate your point using powerful personal stories and well placed humor.
Is this course designed for professional speakers only?
No, this course is for ANYONE wanting to become a better/more successful public speaker, even if you haven’t started yet! Whether you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, business owner, trying to adapt to the new format of public speaking or just an individual ready to capture the hearts and minds of your ideal audience, this course is right for you.
What if I’ve already been speaking for years? Do I still need this course?
Most likely yes. This course is designed to serve as your bedrock foundation for public speaking. If you haven’t given over 1000 speeches yet then you can still benefit greatly from Patrick’s expertise. The tools you’ll learn in this course will support you throughout your speaking career in an ever changing public speaking landscape.

Get Great On Stage

Inspire Standing Ovations

Create Your Million Dollar Speech

Become The Speaker You Were Born To Be

Course Begins First Week of August 2021