Toastmasters, For The 21st Century!

Crush Your Fear of Public Speaking For Good, Level up Your Confidence & Hone In Your TEDx Worthy Message...

Without Having to Attend a Stuffy, Formal and Inconvenient Toastmasters Meeting Ever Again!


AKA “Toastmasters On Steroids, With a Heart… and Gone Virtual.”

This is your public speaking academy, held completely online, to help you CRUSH your fear of public speaking for good, all the while growing your confidence and your natural abilities to wow ANY and EVERY audience.

Just imagine what it would feel like to access YOUR inner brilliance and inspire people from around the world with your message!

It’s possible to get THAT good… and we’ll show you how!

What You Can Expect When You Join Find Your Voice...

Our Four Step Process

1. Develop Your Million Dollar Mindset

The Proprietary Find Your Voice Process is intentionally designed to help you unlock a million dollar mindset so you can successfully map, master and monetize your message to the masses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a paid employee, developing your ‘million dollar mindset’ is critical to reach the next level of your success. 

What do we mean by this? 

Even if you don’t aspire to make a million dollars, imagine the mindset you’d need to adopt if that was your goal. For most people, reaching that first million is a serious milestone, and it’s been said that your first seven figures is the hardest… because of the ‘heavy lifting’ nature of the work required to get there… 

Now, at FYV we make sure to give you these foundational pieces, the hidden factors that, once mastered, will serve you well into the future and potentially well past your first million…. Elements including:

Before you can DO, it’s critical to BE the person who succeeds.  This all starts with building up your success framework, and we’re so excited to help you build your own as quickly as possibly!

2. 'MAP' Your Message

Not sure where to go next when publicly speaking?

You’ll get insight, strategies, techniques and guidance from the world’s greatest communicators so you can perfect your path ahead.  This isn’t just about where to take your talks… this about knowing exactly what to say and when.

Having the right sequence of steps and the preparation before you open your mouth so you have the confidence to KNOW that your message is as impactful as possible.  Want to speak with a slam dunk every time? Then we’ve got the goods for you to map your message like a professional.

3. 'MASTER' Your Message and Your Delivery

Have you mastered your tonality?  Your emotional highs and lows? Do you know how to influence any audience to instantly connect with your voice, your power and above all, your message? 

This segment breaks down every element of the perfect speech, talk or facebook live. Whether you’d like to immediately expand your presence, engage the right people, or gain mastery over your unique voice… this is the place to get the information you’ve been looking for (that you won’t find anywhere else)!

4. 'MONETIZE' Your Message

Do you know why most “professional speakers” are broke?  It’s not because they’re bad… or even because they didn’t have plans.  It’s because they were never taught how to consistently build their presence, their careers and their influence in a way that predictably grows their bank account. 

In the Find Your Voice Master Series, you’ll get insights from the world’s most profitable speakers, speaking coaches and business owners who know how to leverage their voice to make more money.  Ready to make money and impact from your message? Join us during this special master series.

Remember that we offer a full refund guarantee… so this is a no brainer, risk-free purchase for you to step up your public speaking!

You’ll be able to access this private group and EVERY Bonus immediately when You Take The First Step and Sign Up For Your FREE Trial.

Seriously… what are you waiting for? 

Click the trial button above and let’s get your public speaking on track today!

Limted Time Bonuses if You Act Now

Get Private Access To Our
VIP Public Speaking Masterclass

When you join FYV, you’ll get access to private group coaching calls and masterclasses held every month. During each session, you’ll receive insider insight, wisdom and strategies from our VIP network of successful communicators.  These individuals include world-renowned speakers and celebrities, 7,8 and 9 figure business owners, thought leaders that have impacted millions of lives and even global disruptors and changemakers with voices that matter. These sessions will offer you expert guidance to take your confidence, motivation and speaking potential to the next level!

Get INSANE Discounts On Highly Vetted and Powerful Speaking Upgrades

As another perk of your Find Your Voice membership, you’ll instantly gain access to every discount (on products, courses and coaching) from our vast network of influencers, owners, executives and high achievers.  We make sure that you have an arsenal of the RIGHT tools to thrive and succeed at your speaking goals. This offer alone is EASILY 100x the price of admission.

Your PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE Breakthrough Coaching Session

As this season’s special bonus offering (to entice you to take REAL action right now), we’re opening a few more spots to get private breakthrough coaching from one of our True Voice Trainers.  During this one time call, you’ll get personalized feedback and guidance to refine your intention and get precision on your desired results within this group.

What Other Members Are Saying...

Just wanting to say thank you to Chris for putting this group together. When I post something and I get the encouragement and the support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have inspired me and encouraged me. I highly recommend this group to anyone looking to improve their public speaking and confidence on camera!
Thank you very much for putting this group together. It’s been life changing going through the units units and also the accountability is great! It's really, really helpful to train and overcome anxiety, and really find your voice. And thank you everybody for commenting and encouraging me, giving me feedback. It's really awesome! Thank you very much.
This is such a supportive community of people who will cheer you on so that you're not by yourself in the journey. If you are looking to find ways to improving your communication skills and taking away that fear of being in front of the camera, then this group is perfect for you. Join and enjoy the benefits of being part of a beautiful community.
Personal Organizer
Big gratitude is for Chris in creating this safe space where I know that the people who are watching are receptive and open and encouraging. And I’d like to encourage any aspiring public speakers to take a shot with this group. It’s been transformational for me and I’m sure it can be fore you too!

100% Money Back Guarantee.

We 100% stand behind Find Your Voice. If you’re unhappy for any reason whatsoever, let us know within 7 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

Chris Hay, Founder

You will also get special direction to take advantage of everything that this POTENT and TRANSFORMATIONAL community has to offer.  Want to speak publicly for the first time and wow your audience?

No problem.

Desire to craft your own career as a thought leader?

We got you covered.

Want to communicate at the highest level to inspire and influence your team, investors, and potential customers?

Yup, we will work together on your success plan during this call. 

Don’t miss this rare opportunity for you to gain an unstoppable speaking advantage that you can leverage for the rest of your life!

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