Ready to Cut Your Public Speaking Learning Curve in HALF?

The Find Your Voice Accelerator Group


Let’s see if this is the right program for you…


– Have a deep fear of public speaking?

– Lack confidence in sharing your voice or your message?

– Want to influence others, speak on stages, or create your own community… but don’t know where to start?

– Want to genuinely help people, create a big impact and get paid to speak about what you love?

– Want a way to reach any and all of your speaking goals FASTER and EASIER?

If yes - you've come to the right place!

When you join the Find Your Voice Accelerator group, you’ll gain ongoing insider strategies from the world’s best communicators, personal accountability from our team and peers committed to your success, and access to the safest platform on the planet to practice sharing your message and discovering your most authentic voice.

Why did we create this program?

To Save You From Yourself

As the old saying goes, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’ - and this couldn’t be truer with public speaking.

Without peer support and accountability, let’s be honest, life happens!

And what does this mean for your dreams of becoming a public speaker?

You don’t prioritize them, because every little step of the way requires stepping up and overcoming your fear, so instead you simply drift into easier, less threatening (and often less important) tasks.

The result?

Your public speaking dreams stay on hold. Indefinitely.

The solution?

A peer support group dedicated to holding you accountable to your dreams.

Imagine that? When was the last time you had regular, scheduled calls with a group of dedicated friends, all working towards the same goal to check-in and make sure that you’ve actually done what you said you where going to do?

If you’ve never had such a peer support group, get ready to have your mind (and beliefs about how much progress you can make in one year) blown apart.

To Take You One Step Closer to a Real Live Audience

It’s one thing to hit ‘Live’ on Facebook and know that a few people are watching and posting comments, but it's something else altogether to see the audiences faces looking back at you in real time as you present on a group call, answering questions from the crowd and having them applauding you when you finish.

This is the closest thing you'll get to public speaking in front of a real crowd, and the practice is invaluable.

To End The Overwhelm

Let’s face it; we’re all choking on ‘content’, right?

We live in the Information Age, and everything is available at the click of a button.

But what’s the missing ingredient that stops 90% of people from finishing home study programs?


Sure, some courses will give you a some limited interaction with other participants, but imagine if you had a regular group call to dissect your most valuable takeaways after each class, just like you’d do with your fellow students if you where on campus together.

Each time we bring in an expert to teach, we dedicate time on the following call to discuss the learnings and reflect together on how to integrate the teachings into our public speaking practices.

The best place on the internet... To help you uncover your most powerful message.

We know what it’s like to spend hours and hours going through public speaking resources, only to ask yourself the question… what have I really got to show for all of this?

You’ve probably watched a few public speaking training videos, read a few speaking articles, maybe gone through a book or a digital course… Toastmasters much?

Perhaps you’ve even had a few unpaid speaking gigs…

The end result from your time and monetary investment so far is…?


We thought so.

Ever wondered how you can make a REAL Impact and REAL Money from your REAL Voice?

If you still aren’t clear about how to Map out, Master and Monetize YOUR UNIQUE MESSAGE… then The Find Your Voice Accelerator is RIGHT For You.

Here's What You're Going to Get...

VIP Bi-Monthly Group Calls to Practice Speaking Live in Front of a Community of Real People!

Bi-monthly group calls where you’ll to be supported on your speaking goals, have opportunities to practice speaking in front of the group and join a community who cares about you becoming the absolute best speaker you can be.

Each presentation is followed by a feedback session where you’ll gain valuable insights into where you excelled and tips on areas you could improve on next time.

Access to our Bi-Monthly Virtual Speaking Workshops

Your one-stop shop to Map-Out, Master, and Monetize your own unique message through our expert masterclasses.

Whether it’s getting professional speaker secrets from HBO’s performer of the Year, Patrick Combs or learning how to give a Ted talk with 3x TEDx Speaker Taylor Conroy, this essential program will help you skip the learning curve and become the best speaker you can be!

For the record, this isn't a ‘pitch-fest’ either; we only bring in experts who are willing to drop the pay-wall and give you their best.

Nor is this a ‘take what you’re given’ situation either - as an Accelerator client we’ll check in with you every month to see what your greatest challenges are right now and what public speaking sub-topic you need the most hope with.

We strive to make our guest speaker program as bespoke and interactive as possible.

An Intimate and Supportive Community Who Share Your Goals and Fears

What are two of the most important unifying factors for any community?

1. A common enemy, and…

2. A common goal.

In our Accelerator group you’re going to find you have both of these in common with everyone else on the call…

The common enemy? Fear of public speaking!

The common goal? Crushing your enemy and rising victorious!

This community is going to be there to cheer you on every step of the way and are just as committed to your success as you are!

Our goal is to make our community the safest, most supportive public speaking sandbox ON THE PLANET (and to be honest, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of that so far)!

Positive Peer-Pressure Accountability to Keep You On Track

On each call you'll choose what task is your highest priority action step to complete between now and our next group call. You declare what this task is to the group and that you want to be held accountable to achieving it.

On the following call we check in with each other to ensure that tasks have been achieved.

If you haven't achieved the task you set out to complete, you'll need to explain what happened to your friendly support group.

They'll be understanding if a genuine life emergency got in the way... but if it's just you getting in your own way or slacking off, get ready to be held accountable!

This is a deceptively simple yet profoundly powerful practice.

The accountability alone is well worth the price of this whole program.

Extra Accountability Layer - A New Best Friend

How bad is that sinking feeling when you’ve got an appointment coming up and you know you haven’t done what you said you would get done before hand?

You never have to worry about that again!

Not in this group anyway, because as an extra layer of support we’ll link you up with a new ‘Speaking Buddy’… that is, another person from our program who we think you’ll love (we take our pairing process seriously to make sure you’re matched up with someone who might even become your new BFF)!

Then, a few days before each group call, the two of you can message each other a quick reminder to make sure you get your milestone completed before the next meeting!

Mastermind Magic

What is the greatest challenge you currently face in relation to reaching your speaking goals?

Here’s your chance to tell the group about it and learn from any insights or experience they’ve gained in similar situations.

Just one shared experience or tip could enable you to see your situation in a whole new light and break-through whatever has been holding you back!

Access To The Find Your Voice Vault

The Voice Vault includes recordings of EVERY interview and masterclass we’ve had and will ever have with our select team of seasoned speaking pros.

Every month there will be newly added interviews and lessons so you can continue getting up to date guidance to improve, thrive and monetize as a speaker.

...Plus a Few Extra Bonuses to Sweeten The Deal...

Access to The FULL RECORDING (10+ hours) of the True Voice Intensive Live Event

You get to experience the entire 3-Day True Voice Intensive event in the comfort of your own home. This speaking mastery program was created for you to FIND YOUR TRUE VOICE, to identify your one signature talk that is your greatest contribution to share.

Your 35% Discount to the Next True Voice Intensive LIVE Event (over $1,000 Value)

This limited time offer allows you to join the next True Voice Intensive at 35% off the ticket price of admission (limited spots available).

You’ll get a transformational experience that will help you upgrade your speaking, craft your TEDx Talk and claim your message while being pampered at our luxury destination.

Events to be held in Q4 2020, plus Q2 and Q4 2021.

Private One-On-One Coaching with a True Voice Trainer

This is your chance to get two x 60-minute power-coaching sessions with a True Voice Trainer, to help you get clarity on the message that's 'yours to share' and/or help answer any other questions you might have about the best direction or strategy for you to expedite your public speaking goals.

Special Opportunities Only Available to Accelerator Members

With Access to the Accelerator community, you get select discounted and promotional offers to work with speaking professionals, whether through live events, marketing programs, or specialized coaching.

We only pass along vetted professionals at significantly reduced rates. This bonus alone could save you thousands of dollars!

As you can see, this private group has the potential to dramatically and rapidly accelerate your growth as a speaker!

Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

There are few places on the planet that bring together the same caliber of speakers, teachers and committed team members as this Accelerator group.

We created this program to help you reach you most audacious speaking goals… and every other platform we’ve seen will charge you 2 – 10x as much money for less value.

Our price?

$197 per month.


Pay annually, and get two months free. That brings it down to just $1,970 for a full years access!

That’s it. And we offer you a 100% money back guarantee during your first 30 days… because if you’re not completely happy, neither are we!

100% Money Back Guarantee

For The Aspiring Speaker Ready To Go Pro…

The program was created to help you finally get comfortable speaking in person, on stages, on camera, and practically anywhere else on the planet.

This is your chance to transform yourself and realize your speaking dreams in 2020.

Take action now, or stay stuck for another year. The choice is yours...