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This is your public speaking academy, held completely online, to help you CRUSH your fear of public speaking for good, all the while growing your confidence and your natural abilities to wow ANY and EVERY audience.

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What You Can Expect When You Join Find Your Voice...

  • Finally Banish ANY and ALL Fears of Public Speaking
    Dozens of people have smashed through their fear of public speaking within days after joining Find Your Voice… because when you join this community of like minded high achievers, you get the encouragement, accountability and focus to have fun building your speaking chops at light speed!
  • Join a Public Speaking Community That Actually Gives a Damn About You
    Our growing community cares about each member and works to ensure that everyone is growing to become the best speakers and communicators they can be. You’ll make like-minded friends and find your unique place in this thriving space. Afterall, the ship rises with the tide and everyone here is ready to lift you up while having lots of fun!
  • Master Spontaneous Speaking, Prepared Keynotes and AND The How-To's of Giving Engaging Facebook Lives
    Get consistent practice with spontaneous and rehearsed public speaking through the LIVE platform so you can get good at engaging any and every audience.
  • Follow a Proven and Proprietary Curriculum for Your Public Speaking Success
    We’ve created a syllabus for beginner, intermediate and advanced speakers. You’ll be given prompts to unlock more of your speaking gifts and to uncover your own unique voice! Through the Find Your Voice platform, you’ll get custom public speaking feedback, and discover why our growth mechanism is proven to help you unleash your natural speaking gifts!
  • Get Private Access to Monthly Masterclass
    You’ll get access to private group coaching calls and masterclasses every month. These sessions will give you personalized feedback and expert guidance to take your speaking to the next level!
  • Speak Like a Professional Thought Leader
    Get access to the frameworks and exercises that the most successful international speakers use. We interview expert public speakers, thought leaders, and influencers to share their secrets with our unique group, so that we can each rise with the tide in our speaking and in our lives. Through your participation in the Find Your Voice Group, you’ll gain speaking and influence secrets from some of the world’s most influential communicators.

What Other Members Are Saying...

Just wanting to say thank you to Chris for putting this group together. When I post something and I get the encouragement and the support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have inspired me and encouraged me. I highly recommend this group to anyone looking to improve their public speaking and confidence on camera!
Thank you very much for putting this group together. It’s been life changing going through the units units and also the accountability is great! It's really, really helpful to train and overcome anxiety, and really find your voice. And thank you everybody for commenting and encouraging me, giving me feedback. It's really awesome! Thank you very much.
This is such a supportive community of people who will cheer you on so that you're not by yourself in the journey. If you are looking to find ways to improving your communication skills and taking away that fear of being in front of the camera, then this group is perfect for you. Join and enjoy the benefits of being part of a beautiful community.
Personal Organizer
Big gratitude is for Chris in creating this safe space where I know that the people who are watching are receptive and open and encouraging. And I’d like to encourage any aspiring public speakers to take a shot with this group. It’s been transformational for me and I’m sure it can be fore you too!

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Chris Hay, Founder

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